RSIM - Rice Simulator for ILP Multiprocessors


RSIM was primarily developed by Vijay S. Pai and Parthasarathy Ranganathan, under the direction of Prof. Sarita V. Adve at Rice University.

Hazim Abdel-Shafi, Murthy Durbhakula, Jonathan Hall, and Tracy Harton also contributed parts of the code and documentation.

Significant parts of the RSIM memory and network system are based on code from the Rice Parallel Processing Testbed (RPPT), a project led by Prof. J. R. Jump and Prof. J. B. Sinclair and involving several graduate students.

RSIM simulates shared-memory multiprocessors (and uniprocessors) built from processors that aggressively exploit instruction-level parallelism (ILP). RSIM is execution-driven and models state-of-the-art ILP processors, an aggressive memory system, and a multiprocessor coherence protocol and interconnect, including contention at all resources.

Processor simulation features:

Memory simulation features:

Multiprocessor system features:

To the best of our knowledge, at the time of this release, RSIM is the only publicly available software for simulating shared-memory multiprocessors with state-of-the-art ILP processors. We have used RSIM in our research as well as in undergraduate and graduate courses in computer architecture.


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Applications simulated on RSIM must be compiled and linked for SPARC V9/Solaris 2.5 or 2.6, and must be linked with the included library.

Non-Commercial License Agreement

Copyright 1997 by Rice University
Houston, Texas
All Rights Reserved

For an alternative license for commercial purposes, please send email to

The RSIM version 1.0 package includes the RSIM Simulator, Library for RSIM Applications, Example Applications ported to RSIM, RSIM Utilities, and the RSIM Reference Manual. To download the package, please fill a brief registration form.

The RSIM Reference Manual is also separately available in Postscript (736 KB), Compressed postscript (225 KB), or HTML format

Free for non-commercial use.

For commercial purposes, please send email to

Sarita V. Adve
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering - MS 366
Rice University
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(713) 737-5686

See the RSIM home page for more information. To join the RSIM mailing list, to provide feedback on RSIM, or to contribute to future RSIM releases, please send email to