Joe Austin, Joel Castellanos, Ervan Darnell, and Maria Estrada

NonEuclid is an interactive simulation of the Poincare Model of Hyperbolic Geometry. This software was developed for use in high school and undergraduate education. The Poincare Model is two-dimensional, bounded, and axiomaticly identical to Euclidean Geometry in all ways except for the Parallel Postulate.

NonEuclid creates an interactive environment for learning about and exploring non-Euclidean geometry on the high school or undergraduate level. The software package includes explanations, activities, and strategies for incorporating non-Euclidean geometry into high school curriculum.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics outlines K-12 school mathematics goals and reform through the next decade. This document calls for all college-intending high school students to:

    "Develop an understanding of an axiomatic system through
     investigating and comparing Euclidean and Non-Euclidean 
     geometries". [NCTM 1989].
Some justifications for a study of non-Euclidean geometry are as follows:
1) The word "definition" has a very precise meaning in geometry that is quite different from its meaning in common language. Confusion on this concept is the source of many difficulties in understanding the processes of geometric proofs. The strangeness and counter- intuitiveness of non-Euclidean geometry helps students to directly and starkly perceive the differences between Definitions and Theorems as they are used in geometry.

2) Non-Euclidean Geometry becoming increasingly important in its roll in modern science and technology.

3)A study of non-Euclidean Geometry make clear that geometry is not something that was completed 3,000 years ago in Greece. It is a current and active field of research.


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NonEuclid was developed at the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) of Rice University as part of an educational outreach program giving research experience to undergraduate minority students interested in the mathematical sciences. Dr. Richard Tapia is both founder and director of this outreach program called "spend-a-summer- with-a-scientist"