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ADIFOR is a tool for the automatic differentiation of Fortran 77 programs. Given a Fortran 77 source code and a user's specification of dependent and independent variables, ADIFOR will generate an augmented derivative code that computes the partial derivatives of all of the specified dependent variables with respect to all of the specified independent variables in addition to the original result.

The ADIFOR 2.0 system offers the following features:

Full Fortran 77 Support

For example, ADIFOR 2.0 supports common blocks, arbitrary subroutine calling sequences, COMPLEX arithmetic, FUNCTIONs and SUBROUTINEs, statement functions, or procedure parameters. In addition to these features, the ADIFOR 2.0 preprocessor also supports common extensions such as DOUBLE COMPLEX, INCLUDE statements, and IMPLICIT NONE.

Flexible Intrinsic Handler

The ADIntrinsics 1.0 system, which is part of ADIFOR 2.0 provides for various reporting levels in response to exceptions such as the differentiation of sqrt(x) when x is zero, and can easily be customized through the use of template files.

Transparent Sparsity Support

Code generated with ADIFOR 2.0 can perform derivative computations using the SparsLinC (Sparse Linear Combination) library, thus transparently exploiting sparsity arising in large sparse Jacobian computations or gradients of functions that have a sparse Hessian.

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AIX, SunOS-4.x, SunOS-5.x or IRIX

ADIFOR 2.0 License Terms and Conditions

Only available after signing the license. See Instructions for Retrieving ADIFOR 2.0

free for education and non-profit research purposes

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